The Golf Tracer App Reviews

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Double awful

Cool concept but not what I thought

It’s a cool concept but does not work like I would want it to and does not trace the ball correctly even with the correct distance put in. I would appreciate being refunded because it is not worth what it costs…

Okay, not great

I like how it works and is easy to figure out, but the tracking part (most important part) is not very accurate. It can find the ball off the club and the initial trajectory but have found after a few uploads that it doesn't track the ball very well at all. Hoping for a refund.


Trying it on video that I had in my phone. Very difficult to use and if you have lots of footage then the whole app crashes. I edited the video to be shorter and now it has been uploading for 5 hours and says 0%. This is all after I upgraded the app for another 5.99. I wish I could get my $12.00 back

Fun, informative, accurate

I was worried abut the accuracy of the app but whatever it does during the “processing” period is awesome and quite accurate. It’s a lot of fun but also a good learning tool! You take more videos of our swing and watch it over and over again and can then see things you weren’t aware you were doing. Like taking the club back too far to the inside, causing a bit of an “over the top” move on the downswing. Keep innovating guys!

Nicely done app

I was skeptical at first but I am liking this app. It’s fun to trace the shots and the custom edits are nice too. It’s accurate when you film like they ask. I noticed when the camera moved a lot it makes the tracers less accurate. That is probably more user error.

Not sure

The app needs to incorporate a delete option!

Not accurate

The auto tracer is not accurate at all. I have to go back and manually edit the ball arc path. Btw you don’t have unlimited auto trace. It’s 5.99 for the year or .99 cents per month to upgrade to unlock more features...


How do you get it to show the yardage. Cool app!

Great concept, needs lots of work

Amazing concept, ball tracking is really sketchy, and auto tracking takes forever. Management and Ui flow through app is really confusing. No obvious way to delete or organize video files. Keep at it guys, this could be something amazing. Figure out how to make it more accurate and process lots faster. Looking forward to your next release.

Pretty impressive app

I saw this on the App Store feature and decided to give it a try. We used it on 4 holes today and it worked good on everything except my buddies chunked driver lol. Worth the download.

Please refund my card

Paid $5.99 for app then another $5.99 to upgrade (per year). This app doesn’t have all the features other ones do for less money.

Looks cool

Used one time and cannot get video to upload correctly. It has been at 1% for two full days

awful app

This app is garbage, thought it would analyze ur shots for you but turns out no, waste of money.

Easy, Fun & Accurate

Really cool app! Not a round goes by that I don’t use this app to video my buddies or myself. Love the different types of tracers and the filters that you can drop into your videos.

Best Tracer app out there

This is an awesome product. It tracks your ball flight perfectly almost every time. Works quickly too. Like having a Trackman in your pocket!

Great tracing capability!

This app is by far the best out there! Really great that you can snap the video and immediately process the auto tracer and be on your way. Recommended to friends and family and they all love using it as well. Thanks!

Don’t buy it

It keeps crashing.

Works 1/4 of the time

Half the time I hit the trace button in the top right corner and nothing happens... I have like 8 swings saved that I can’t get a ball trace of.

Wow! This is a game changer!

Golf Tracer gives me the ability to see my swing on video AND the resulting path and flight of the ball. These results tell me what I need to adjust in my swing plane, take away and other areas as well. Golf Tracer represents a huge leap in self-instruction and I love it. I can share it with a golf instructor too. Worth every penny and its fun to boot!

Nice app

In addition to adding a shot tracer, this app is useful for those of us looking to get videos for swing analysis. The app is super easy to use and you can keep both the raw video along with any tracers you’ve added. You can choose to save your videos to your phone’s native photo app as well. Multiple tracer options make it fun without making the app more difficult to use.

Easy and Accurate

Very cool app. Well worth it. It almost always picks up the ball and can automatically trace the shots. And for whatever reason if it doesn't pick it up you can manually trace your ball flight. My favorite part is that you can just upload videos from your phone, so you don't have to actually use the app while playing a round. I even got some tracers of some PGA pros at the Zurich Classic.

Perfect from first try

Great app. Easy to use and the auto tracer worked perfect from the first try. Very easy to import existing video or take your own from within the app. Love using it for entertainment or analysis of swing.

Won’t even open

Just bought the app and it won’t even open. I have lots of other apps that are working fine right now. I demand a refund. I have no problem sending screenshots of error message.


You have to pay for the app but it doesn’t tell you that you have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited shot tracers a bunch of BS


Most of the time it can’t trace it, some times it does. Then I can’t delete the untraceable videos, so they clog up memory with unwanted videos.

I like it so far

Used it on the par 5s today and got some pretty good results.

Slow and inaccurate.

I’ve been waiting on a 7 second clip to “process” for an hour now. Also, if you don’t type in an accurate yardage, it changes the line drastically. Look for other apps.

Great idea

Great idea, love how i don’t have to do any of the work for tracing it.

Just ok

Tracer finally worked but takes awhile to upload.

Not what it looks like

It doesn’t really have that good of function of a tracer, in both modes, so I was not happy having to pay 6 dollars for an app I won’t use

Better than some of the competitors

However, is it normal to take over a half hour for the automatic tracer to work? It’s been doing it for 25mins and it’s still at 0%. The manual tracer was easy enough to use, but the automatic tracer is taking a very long time with no progress having been made thus far. A little frustrating.

Cool app

Great app - fun to trace your drive.. whether it happens to go straight or veers severely right!

Pretty solid app

I’ve been a little skeptical of all of the tracer apps. I got this one and tried it on our groups drives this weekend. The app got almost all of the shots right. You can edit the colors and stuff too so it’s pretty fun to share on Instagram and stuff. It’s worth the install.

If you golf, it’s a must!!!

Definitely one one of my favorite apps. It’s totally changed the experience of golfing. Interactive, high-tech, and a lot of fun. Make sure you take a few practice swings first!

Real Nice

As an American, I enjoy the red white and blue. Some cool options for tracers.

Worth it

I was skeptical about paying for this but it’s definitely been worth it. Way more accurate than others...

Quicken your pace!

I whip this out on every tee box. Left or right is a given. Golf Tracer takes me to the tree every time - no more wasting time looking for balls...🤗 a very, very cool app!

Terrible - Money Lost

I use a tripod and it has so far not tracked a single ball flight correctly. I upload the video and 15 minuets later the result is a line that starts from a random place and goes up into the sky. A straight line upwards like the ball never landed lol. I tired longer videos and they result in the same issue. Need to use the manual system but getting the line speed synchronised with the ball speed drives me crazy because it takes forever to do. It's not even a half baked product. Money not well spent because I can't even get a refund for a non working app.


great for sharing vids because no one cares about watching your swing... they want to see where the ball goes

Best tracer app

Great special effects and I like that I can customize slightly!

Best one out there

Great interface and easy to use. Very accurate tracer, constant reminder of my splicing. I’d recommend this app for anyone playing golf from novice to pro.

Doesn’t store videos.

I did a few videos a couple of weeks ago, checked today and they are gone. The library function doesn’t really make sense if nothing is there.


Awesome! Best tracer app I have found. Very easy to use and very accurate unlike similar apps. I highly recommend!

Great app for any level golfer

Really easy to use, has made trips to the range more fun getting to watch ball flight just like that. Haven’t tried on course yet but I’m sure would be super cool.

Game Changer

Very accurate with nice visual effects. Easy to share on social media platforms. Definitely worth the small price tag!

Great tool!

I’ve loved this app so far. Easy to use and a nice tool to look at your swing and see inefficiencies and what happens because of them. The customization piece is a nice add-on as well. Definitely worth the $6!


Most fun app I have on my phone! The tracer capability on this app is the best there is. Really makes you feel like a pro when you rip one down the middle! Must have if you love golf!

Ok, not worth paying for

Takes awhile for videos to upload. Tracer is not accurate and the yardage you input, it’s not calculated by the app. 2 stars is a generous rating honestly.

Solid Tracer

Easiest tracer to use on the App Store. Automatic tracer works good, pretty cool overlays too

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