The Golf Tracer App Reviews

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You have to pay for the app but it doesn’t tell you that you have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited shot tracers a bunch of BS


Most of the time it can’t trace it, some times it does. Then I can’t delete the untraceable videos, so they clog up memory with unwanted videos.

I like it so far

Used it on the par 5s today and got some pretty good results.

Slow and inaccurate.

I’ve been waiting on a 7 second clip to “process” for an hour now. Also, if you don’t type in an accurate yardage, it changes the line drastically. Look for other apps.

Great idea

Great idea, love how i don’t have to do any of the work for tracing it.

Just ok

Tracer finally worked but takes awhile to upload.

Very Accurate

I have tried to golf tracer app many times now and I absolutely love it. The one thing that his hardest to see when I hit the ball (because I hit it over 300 yards with my driver) is seeing it on camera. This app is deadly accurate and it’s obvious because I don’t stop looking at the ball until it hits the ground and the app obviously shows when it hits the ground. So I know it’s accurate just by matching up when the ball hits the ground and when I stop looking at it. Highly recommend this app for everyone trying to impress your friends or just to help yourself with your swing.

Not what it looks like

It doesn’t really have that good of function of a tracer, in both modes, so I was not happy having to pay 6 dollars for an app I won’t use


Don’t but this APP. Piece of junk!

Better than some of the competitors

However, is it normal to take over a half hour for the automatic tracer to work? It’s been doing it for 25mins and it’s still at 0%. The manual tracer was easy enough to use, but the automatic tracer is taking a very long time with no progress having been made thus far. A little frustrating.

Cool app

Great app - fun to trace your drive.. whether it happens to go straight or veers severely right!

Pretty solid app

I’ve been a little skeptical of all of the tracer apps. I got this one and tried it on our groups drives this weekend. The app got almost all of the shots right. You can edit the colors and stuff too so it’s pretty fun to share on Instagram and stuff. It’s worth the install.

If you golf, it’s a must!!!

Definitely one one of my favorite apps. It’s totally changed the experience of golfing. Interactive, high-tech, and a lot of fun. Make sure you take a few practice swings first!

Real Nice

As an American, I enjoy the red white and blue. Some cool options for tracers.

Worth it

I was skeptical about paying for this but it’s definitely been worth it. Way more accurate than others...

Quicken your pace!

I whip this out on every tee box. Left or right is a given. Golf Tracer takes me to the tree every time - no more wasting time looking for balls...🤗 a very, very cool app!

Terrible - Money Lost

I use a tripod and it has so far not tracked a single ball flight correctly. I upload the video and 15 minuets later the result is a line that starts from a random place and goes up into the sky. A straight line upwards like the ball never landed lol. I tired longer videos and they result in the same issue. Need to use the manual system but getting the line speed synchronised with the ball speed drives me crazy because it takes forever to do. It's not even a half baked product. Money not well spent because I can't even get a refund for a non working app.


great for sharing vids because no one cares about watching your swing... they want to see where the ball goes

Best tracer app

Great special effects and I like that I can customize slightly!

Best one out there

Great interface and easy to use. Very accurate tracer, constant reminder of my splicing. I’d recommend this app for anyone playing golf from novice to pro.

Doesn’t store videos.

I did a few videos a couple of weeks ago, checked today and they are gone. The library function doesn’t really make sense if nothing is there.


Awesome! Best tracer app I have found. Very easy to use and very accurate unlike similar apps. I highly recommend!

Great app for any level golfer

Really easy to use, has made trips to the range more fun getting to watch ball flight just like that. Haven’t tried on course yet but I’m sure would be super cool.

Game Changer

Very accurate with nice visual effects. Easy to share on social media platforms. Definitely worth the small price tag!

Great tool!

I’ve loved this app so far. Easy to use and a nice tool to look at your swing and see inefficiencies and what happens because of them. The customization piece is a nice add-on as well. Definitely worth the $6!


Most fun app I have on my phone! The tracer capability on this app is the best there is. Really makes you feel like a pro when you rip one down the middle! Must have if you love golf!

Ok, not worth paying for

Takes awhile for videos to upload. Tracer is not accurate and the yardage you input, it’s not calculated by the app. 2 stars is a generous rating honestly.

Great for my IG & FB videos

I post a lot of swing videos on IG and Facebook. A lot of my fans kept requesting a tracer to see the shot better. This app is perfect for that. Simple and works great. Also has an automatic tracer! Well worth the $6

Solid Tracer

Easiest tracer to use on the App Store. Automatic tracer works good, pretty cool overlays too

Best tracer app imho

Really good app and probably the best tracer app for golfers. I really enjoy tracing my shots and posting to fb etc. I also like the special effects included in the app. Bargain.

Pretty impressed so far

enjoying the app so far. Sometimes you have to play around with the angle and stuff to get it perfect but it's a lot of fun and a pretty cool tool at the range.

So much fun!

I got this for my son...ends up that I like it as much as he does!

Coach Approved

What a dope app. Perfect for my IG Videos

Easiest and most accurate

When playing golf, you want to keep playing golf. Sure tracers period are cool, but I do not want to have to let three groups play through just to get a tracer app to work. Taking a video of a buddy and using auto tracer means I can keep golfing and post these videos a lot faster! 6$ is worth it when avoiding the headache of the knock offs out there.

Great App!

This app is great-- I love being able to customize my golf videos. There are so many different options/features you can use, and the auto function is amazing. Totally worth the cost!

My favorite tracer app

Love the available special effects on this app and find it really easy and enjoyable to trace my shots..I’ve recommended it to my friends!

Fantastic tracer

Worth every penny. This is the golf ball tracer I was looking for - automatically trace ball flight path. Fantastic stuff !

Tracer App Review

This app is terrific! I totally enjoyed tracing my shots and this is the best tracer app I know of. I also enjoyed the special effects available and would recommend this app to others!

Fun app

I used it today for the first time with my group. We traced our shots on most drives and it worked pretty well.

Happy with it

I use trackman at the range and was looking for something I could use to trace my shots on the course. This app works really well. Worth the $6.

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