The Golf Tracer Recenzje App


Stuck on 0% upload on every single shot. Waste of money.

Best Golf App Ever!

This is the best golf tracing app of all time! The legit, G.O.A.T.

Great App!

This app is great-- I love being able to customize my golf videos. There are so many different options/features you can use. And it's cheaper than a Starbucks coffee!


Auto tracer works great! manual option is cool but never had to use it. custom tracers are a nice touch

Puts the ultimate exclamation point on well-hit shot!

Did you crush that drive or hit that wedge so pure that it bit just feet from the pin? A video alone can’t put a big enough exclamation point on a well-hit shot, but as soon as you add a tracer effect...instant mic drop.

Love it!

I recently downloaded two apps to try to create tracer affects of my golf shots. The first was very frustrating to work with, but the second was golf tracer. This app works great, is user-friendly, and has some great effects. If only driving the ball was this easy!

Does not trace the ball!

Do not waste your money. Ball is more visible/traceable with the human eye than with this app

Simply Beautiful App

The best ball tracing app on the market! So simple, so fun and adds the extra dimension to all your social media posts! Easily a 5 ***** rating!

300 Yard Drives or 3 Yard Duffs

Love this app... whether you’re striping the ball down the middle of the fairway or tracing your friends shank in to the woods, this app can do it all. Well worth the purchase.

Must have app for golfers!

This is a must have app for any golfers. The app is easy to use and allows you to track your shot like the pros. For any golfers looking to have fun and be able to trace Your Long drives, par 3 green hits, etc...this app is a must buy.

Great App

This is a great app. Easily the most appealing of the tracer apps. It is easy to use and is useful on the course. The customization feature is fun to use while improving your game.

Good app

Automatic tracer doesn’t seem to work as good. App is good overall. Could use minor improvements.

What a waste

Unless I was doing something wrong, I regret purchasing this app. I took three captures today. First it took way longer then I thought to process based on how the app is advertised with their video. Secondly, after the processing was done none of them were even close to where the balls went. My buddies and I aren’t the best golfers but the one trace show the ball going left when it went straight down the middle.

Cool App and Getting Even Better!

This App is fun to use for fun and for training! Support is awesome and they keep coming out with awesome features!

Fantastic app

Automatic golf ball tracing perfected !

Best Tracer App

This app is hands down the best tracer app and UI/UX out there. The interface is so intuitive and the tracer is so true. The automatic tracer is pretty accurate and manually editing is so easy. You have so many options to fine tune it as well!

Perfect and simple!!!

Bought this app after a friend suggested it. Used it today for the first time and love it. Can’t be easier to use and works perfectly. I was surprised at how well it traced the ball. Perfect for Instagram posts or even just to share a shot with some friends. We all know it’s almost impossible to show a nice shot with just a reg video but this works just like it does for when the pros are on TV!


Paid 5.99 and have to pay 5.99 for a year??? I want my money back it’s not worth it.. I don’t mind paying the 5.99 but to get charged twice just to use the app I already paid for doesn’t make since..

Automatic Tracer Upload

I can’t seem to get the Automatic Tracer to work, whenever I try to upload it, it fails and never goes up in percentage.


Awesome app that is easy to use and pretty accurate. Has automatic and a manual tracking feature that allows you to edit your ball flight. Probably the best $5.99 I have spent in the App Store.

Delete “untraceable” videos

Good when it works. For some reason when I pull videos straight from my camera roll instead of filming with the app they seem to have a better chance of tracing. But still, Ive had to manually trace too many shots especially on overcast days. When are you guys going to let us delete videos from the library? Especially all the “untraceable ones”.


Great app with great features. The only issue is that it won’t actually let me post anything to share it... it’s cool to see the tracer on my ball but until I can share it with the world I can’t rate it higher.

No distance and not user friendly

I do not recommend, waisted my money.

Dont expect a real tracer.

Garbage app you should not have to input information Mike ball distance impact location and anything else for six dollars it should be able to trace my ball without me having to input anything

It s a good idea but...

You have to set the distance so the app will not calculate the yards... you have to do it. Base on that the app will trace the ball but you have to upload the video and wait for a Couple of minutes (2 or 3 minutes ) so if you are the driving range you will waiting for a couple minutes. That being said you could record another video while you are waiting to “process” the first one. Finally , the app is not optimice for IPhone X screen. I have pictures to send if you want.

Don’t waste your money

Don’t waste your tried for 9 holes to get it to work like advertised try one of the free apps

Great Service

I downloaded the app and my phone started having problems and I couldn’t use the app. I contacted them and within minutes they replied to me and refunded my money even though it was not their fault that I couldn’t use the app. Very friendly, very professional. Thank you!


Double awful

Cool concept but not what I thought

It’s a cool concept but does not work like I would want it to and does not trace the ball correctly even with the correct distance put in. I would appreciate being refunded because it is not worth what it costs…

Okay, not great

I like how it works and is easy to figure out, but the tracking part (most important part) is not very accurate. It can find the ball off the club and the initial trajectory but have found after a few uploads that it doesn't track the ball very well at all. Hoping for a refund.


Trying it on video that I had in my phone. Very difficult to use and if you have lots of footage then the whole app crashes. I edited the video to be shorter and now it has been uploading for 5 hours and says 0%. This is all after I upgraded the app for another 5.99. I wish I could get my $12.00 back

Fun, informative, accurate

I was worried abut the accuracy of the app but whatever it does during the “processing” period is awesome and quite accurate. It’s a lot of fun but also a good learning tool! You take more videos of our swing and watch it over and over again and can then see things you weren’t aware you were doing. Like taking the club back too far to the inside, causing a bit of an “over the top” move on the downswing. Keep innovating guys!

Nicely done app

I was skeptical at first but I am liking this app. It’s fun to trace the shots and the custom edits are nice too. It’s accurate when you film like they ask. I noticed when the camera moved a lot it makes the tracers less accurate. That is probably more user error.

Not sure

The app needs to incorporate a delete option!

Not accurate

The auto tracer is not accurate at all. I have to go back and manually edit the ball arc path. Btw you don’t have unlimited auto trace. It’s 5.99 for the year or .99 cents per month to upgrade to unlock more features...


How do you get it to show the yardage. Cool app!

Great concept, needs lots of work

Amazing concept, ball tracking is really sketchy, and auto tracking takes forever. Management and Ui flow through app is really confusing. No obvious way to delete or organize video files. Keep at it guys, this could be something amazing. Figure out how to make it more accurate and process lots faster. Looking forward to your next release.

Pretty impressive app

I saw this on the App Store feature and decided to give it a try. We used it on 4 holes today and it worked good on everything except my buddies chunked driver lol. Worth the download.

Please refund my card

Paid $5.99 for app then another $5.99 to upgrade (per year). This app doesn’t have all the features other ones do for less money.

Looks cool

Used one time and cannot get video to upload correctly. It has been at 1% for two full days

awful app

This app is garbage, thought it would analyze ur shots for you but turns out no, waste of money.

Easy, Fun & Accurate

Really cool app! Not a round goes by that I don’t use this app to video my buddies or myself. Love the different types of tracers and the filters that you can drop into your videos.

Best Tracer app out there

This is an awesome product. It tracks your ball flight perfectly almost every time. Works quickly too. Like having a Trackman in your pocket!

Great tracing capability!

This app is by far the best out there! Really great that you can snap the video and immediately process the auto tracer and be on your way. Recommended to friends and family and they all love using it as well. Thanks!

Don’t buy it

It keeps crashing.

Works 1/4 of the time

Half the time I hit the trace button in the top right corner and nothing happens... I have like 8 swings saved that I can’t get a ball trace of.

Wow! This is a game changer!

Golf Tracer gives me the ability to see my swing on video AND the resulting path and flight of the ball. These results tell me what I need to adjust in my swing plane, take away and other areas as well. Golf Tracer represents a huge leap in self-instruction and I love it. I can share it with a golf instructor too. Worth every penny and its fun to boot!

Nice app

In addition to adding a shot tracer, this app is useful for those of us looking to get videos for swing analysis. The app is super easy to use and you can keep both the raw video along with any tracers you’ve added. You can choose to save your videos to your phone’s native photo app as well. Multiple tracer options make it fun without making the app more difficult to use.

Easy and Accurate

Very cool app. Well worth it. It almost always picks up the ball and can automatically trace the shots. And for whatever reason if it doesn't pick it up you can manually trace your ball flight. My favorite part is that you can just upload videos from your phone, so you don't have to actually use the app while playing a round. I even got some tracers of some PGA pros at the Zurich Classic.

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